FULL HD hidden camera glasses

They are a fabulous choice for filming outdoor activities like skiing or mountain hiking. Able to charge quickly for easy use, this form of spyware can film exactly what you are seeing and sync to your computer for quick and easy viewing of your footage. Even though the camera lens is super small and blended to the side of the eyeglasses, you can be confident the 67-degree field of view will capture whatever you are looking at in excellent detail.

And they weigh about 2 ounces, which is basically as light as any other pair of similar sunglasses. Although we recommend updating the computer’s Media Player or download the FREE VLC Player from VLC Player is a software used by millions of people which plays all kinds of video and audio format. A small touch button allows you to switch ON / OFF recording under natural movement. It is challenging to notice the camera because the design of the eyeglasses blends the camera lens very nicely.

The images stand out too; Spectacles 3 added a second Glasses Hidden Camera and assorted visual effects before Ray-Ban/Facebook thought of it. Actually the price and tech compare closely with so your preference in glass style is key . Snapchat also offer cheaper single-camera glasses, Spectacles 2 , these seem more chic. Expect to capture about 70 videos or 200 photos on one charge before putting in the case to top up; the case is USB-C charged. The KAMRE Sunglasses Camera is inexpensive, but still provides all the essentials necessary for a great pair of polarized spy glasses. They’re available with either a focused lens or a wide angle lens, making them an excellent choice for someone who knows precisely what they want to record.

All recorded video footage is stored on a removable Micro SD card for playback on a Windows or Mac computer. The eyeglasses accept a Micro SD card up to 32 GB capacity. From powerful body-worn voice recorders to room and vehicle audio recording, our range is unsupassed for quality and price. Audio covers a multitude of products and we showcase audio in the form of Telephone Recording for both home and office use. Products that record both sides of your smartphone conversation/s and landline recorders to provide peace of mind for times when you wished you had captured a call.

With the ability to connect to your computer or smartphone device through either an application or a cord, you can quickly view your footage. If you are searching for a pair of camera glasses, you want to make sure that the way you get your footage back is compatible. Some take memory cards that need to be purchased separately, and some, like the Gogloo Camera Glasses and the iVUE Rincon Camera Glasses, are iOS and Android compatible. The CG1000 Camera Glasses are compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Others you plug into your computer to watch your footage. All devices provide a user friendly setup and very high quality sound recording.

Together these can be used for all kinds of purposes; a teleprompter, a floating 80-inch display, and anything else you can do with Android 5. Looking for spy glasses that can have RX lens installed. It’s not enormous, but that’s because of weight concerns.

Including spy phone software, fully functioning spy phones and more. Protect those closest to you with our phone monitoring solutions. The frames of the spy glasses camera have been made of a high-quality thermoplastic material TR90 Switzerland which is non-allergic, highly flexible and therefore very strong. You capture about one hour’s worth of footage, which is recorded into 32GB memory.

Anyone who’s owned a pair of glasses can tell you that they tend to be fragile. If you’ve ever heard someone talk about buying glasses made with a carbon fiber frame, that’s not simply a marketing gimmick. Toughness matters, especially when you’re paying more than a couple of bucks for your glasses. Click the button below to find your device and download the setup guide. All products carry a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and can be exchanged for a different product within the first 30 days of purchase.

It is an ideal choice for people who are working undercover in law enforcement. Spy sunglasses with HD 720p Full HD 1080P camera are wearable and fashionable, won’t cause any suspicion. This is a hands-free device for undercover, concealed spying.

The smoke lens look muted, similar to a pair of sports glasses. Opinions about fashion vary from one person to the next, but its doubtful many people will find these fairly lenses objectionable. Rather, they’re sunglasses that also happen to have a camera onboard.