Finding your career path in executive protection

Executive protection agents make anywhere from $25-$45 an hour or will be paid flat rates based on 8-12 hour assignments. These daily rates executive protection agents make can be around $250-$500 a day based on the job and typically earn more when working abroad outside of the United States. The risk of personal protection is always higher since the agents are safeguarding the life of a person. Many clients who require personal protection are usually high wealth individuals who may be famous and our of high status as an executive or public figure. An executive protection officer is a person who is performing bodyguard services or close protection for a person or group of people. They are considered the internal ring of security for an asset who may have a level of risk that requires protection to mitigate any potential threats.

Being able to view your self objectively and hold yourself accountable for your actions will allow you to identify not only strengths, but also weaknesses that can be improved upon contributing to overall personal growth. The travel policy should cover the use of mobile devices on the road. For example, executives should not be allowed to take their main work laptop computer on a business trip, but instead use a loaner device that does not have any sensitive data stored.

Pay rates can vary from $25 an hour to $500 a day for the short term, and long term can be anywhere from k annually. Although this course was basically fundamentals, I felt it helped bridge the gap between my experience as a law enforcement officer and the EP field. Although I had done a lot of similar range work before I found the firearms portion of the course work to be very professional and well executed and could see how this would be a great course for someone new to the field. Once you’ve determined which individuals need protection, learn about their public and private lifestyles—to the extent that it makes sense and can help reduce the risk factor. This step requires the executive’s full cooperation, because you will need to know all about the work and home life of the individual.

Learn these attributes, and know the duties of a guard so that you will not end up hiring the wrong person. How to become EP? Learn these attributes, and know theduties of a guard so that you will not end up hiring the wrong person. As a protective agent you need to have a variety of defensive skills ranging from combatives and firearms to driving and first aid. However, if we end up in a bad situation, our number one goal is to protect and evacuate our client.

There is a difference between bodyguards and executive protection strategies. In my opinion, reliability is one of the most important character traits in relation to the security industry. When you have a specific set of responsibilities, it is important that you can hold yourself to the standard of fulfilling your requirements. Reliability will effect everything from detail planning and conducting advances to punctuality. People who entrust you with important duties want to know that you will go the extra mile to complete your tasks and never shirk your duties. The agent who shows consistent reliability will often find his/herself given more important tasks and will be considered an asset not only by their superiors, but by their teammates and subordinates as well.