Executive Protection an overview

These can range from event security and unarmed driving to armed personal security and full-time security services. Our approach to executive protection is simple—we provide accurate, researched and actionable information to articulate an unbiased threat environment for our clients. Specialized protection companies will have staff that have specific training in protecting individuals and security.

It is variously called drive, initiative, perseverance and being proactive. Highly motivated executive protection agents don’t do the job for the money or the recognition. The first five traits are particularly significant for the special demands of the protective service industry. In this blog, we outline the 10 traits that set apart high-performing executive protection agents from the less-great. When an individual agent displays most or all of these traits strongly, he or she would make a highly successful executive protection agent – and would also do well in many other fields. Students may be current or prior private security employees, Executive Protection providers, and/ or law enforcement/military personnel assigned to or supporting security of individuals.

Executive Protection Agents are often required to travel domestically and internationally as part of their job, so they will need to be able to work long hours, including evenings and weekends. Agents can work for an Executive Protection firm or work for several firms as contractors, dependent upon legislative and licensing requirements. Anyone who is classified as ‘vulnerable’ due to their status, is a good fit for needing safeguarding a person Protection. This world can be a dangerous place for high-profile individuals, with the threats of assault, stalking, theft, kidnapping, invasion of privacy, and even assassination, a frightening reality. These people need additional Protection and heightened security measures that go well beyond the services of a bodyguard.

Through it all, good executive protection professionals must maintain their integrity and know their place. Sometimes it’s in the foreground and the principal wants to talk; often it’s in the background, and the principals has no need to be reminded of their board-mandated 24-7 protection services. Good executive protection agents realize that the security, privacy and productivity of the principal come first, and that the needs of the principal supersede their own needs. They are able to put their personal preferences aside and stand by the client no matter what – before, during and after the detail.

Just what legislation executive protection teams need to comply with will vary greatly depending on where they are. Laws are different country by country state by state – but the need to comply with them is always the same. Executive protection specialists do get the opportunity to meet exciting, interesting, and famous people. They are often in close proximity to celebrities from around the world.

Bodyguard Careers is an informational site with the purpose of providing bodyguards with all the information and tools necessary to succeed in the executive protection industry. I am very dedicated about entering the field in executive/ VIP protection and would wish to participate in the coming training. May I have more information about when the next training session would be? I have obtained an Ontario security license as well completed the use of force and baton training, and would also like to have more information about it. Agents will need to be able to respond properly should an emergency arise, including having a current First Aid with CPR/AED certificate.

This is actually a common job assignment for Private Investigators. It typically involves covertly protecting business locations involved in a labour dispute. Much of what was discussed above can be used to offer protection in labour disputes.