Data Recovery Software – How to Choose The Best Utility

Data recovery from computer hard drives, USB drives and other data storage media drives is one of the most common problems people have to deal with nowadays. In information technology, data recovery simply is a procedure of recovering, restoring, formatting or repairing files, regardless of whether they are permanently lost or not. When the content of the files can’t be retrieved in a regular fashion, data recovery services are usually required. This process involves finding the files that can’t be found on the disks, restoring them and then repairing their physical structure. Visit RAID Data Recovery Orlando Florida for more information.

A file system is the collection of all data files on an individual hard drive. Each file system on a computer is often referred to as a “partition”. On some systems, the operating system maintains the file system on disk, while other systems use software to perform the recovery operation. For most operating systems, it is possible for users to recover an entire file system using the built-in recovery tools. However, for more complex operations, such as recovering lost partitions or individual files, special tools are needed.

One of the best data recovery software programs for Windows operating systems is “Advanced Access Repair”, also referred to as Advanced Access Repair Professional. This tool is available free of charge and helps to recover the lost data back to the original state. The tool allows users to fix corrupt partitions, recover file extents, defragment and repair damaged partitions.

For computers that use SQL Server database servers, “MS Access Recovery” is recommended. This handy piece of software helps users recover lost data in the case the database is affected by a memory failure or a server crash. It helps recover lost email addresses, account names, account passwords and other data that was backed up using Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook. MS Access Recovery also helps users restore multiple data types like Excel, CSV, HTML, and PPT files.

For those who use Macs, the most effective piece of recovery software for this platform is Data Rescue 2.0. Like many other effective pieces of software available in the market, this tool allows users to restore the most important information, such as Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, journals and files. Other features of this program include the creation of restore points, automatic date and time-based backups, password protection of documents and tables, and a large number of tools for restoring a variety of data types. Moreover, this tool allows users to recover multiple storage devices like CD, DVD, external hard drive, flash drive and others.

However, even though you can preview and recover a file before making the actual recovery process, there is always a chance of corruption, damage or loss of data. It is therefore recommended that you perform a test run of the recovery software. This way, you can ensure that the file types will be recovered and you do not lose any important data during the process. Most quality programs enable you to preview and recover a large number of file types.