B2B Startups in Israel: Investor Presentations & Pitch Deck Services

This deck clearly explains the product’s advantages and gives a step-by-step walkthrough of how the product performs. It explains succinctly what data it operates on and how it is implemented. Similar to its 2014 counterpart, Snapchat’s 2015 sales deck gets right to the point. It doesn’t waste space with boring or fluffy intros, and instead kicks things off strong with “Snapchat is the best way to reach year-olds”. B2B automation platform, raised $53 million in funds led by Eight Roads Ventures where venture firms Iron Pillar, R-Squared, and…

Workflows Library Visit our library to install one of our pre-built workflows or for some killer marketing inspiration. The Drip Blog A highly actionable collection of ecommerce marketing tips and tactics straight from our experts. Automation Automate your marketing with best practice email and SMS workflows. Forms & Popups Build your lists and convert drive-by web traffic into customers. A clearly defined problem your business will solve (this could also be your “mission”).

Different narratives fit different companies, products, and investors. As a result, the outline will change, depending on your company’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the current state of the market. Summarize why your product or service is important, given the problem you’ve identified in the previous slides. Your investor presentation can be the deciding factor between a low and high valuation, a disappointing and company-changing investment, & a cancerous and nurturing investor. So it’s important to make sure spend the time to get it right, upfront. Apart from monitoring marketing trends and mastering digital marketing tips, optimizing your pitch deck and presentation skills are additional ways of expanding your b2b pitch deck by

Listen to Sandeep Chawda, partner at Pentathlon talk about ‘The 4 supreme SaaS metrics’ if you haven’t already. Following up with prospects is also a great way to build their trust. By routinely connecting with prospects, you show them that you haven’t forgotten about them or their business.

Check out these free sales deck templates for a variety of selling situations, plus real-world examples for each option. Be honest about your humble beginnings and tell your startup’s success story in an engaging way with this Shift-inspired pitch deck template. There are several B2B sales and marketing strategies you could adopt to expand your B2B market this year.

Most of the slides have been created to focus on a central image and the main text. For some of the more complex slides, you will see no more than three bullet points or three boxes filled with information. By compartmentalizing detailed content, it helps audiences follow the message. Bounce Exchange’s deck tackles all of its potential customers’ specific needs by highlighting their product features that summarize its data visualization, analysis, and design.

Use the rest of the space on the slides to include statistics, diagrams, flowcharts, or images. But remember, this is like on-stage scenery at a play — the cardboard trees improve the audience’s experience, but far less than the performances of the actors. TheMicrosoft Office 365 sales deck is a good example of a sales deck you would send to B2B decision makers. It’s rich in information about the product’s functionality and benefits to the company. But, instead of going in depth on a few key features, it takes the width approach, sharing one-sentence high-level explanations about each feature’s benefit.

That means the shared message is not delivered by you but by someone who has only spent 30-mins hearing about your solution. You have to make sure this message is concise and straightforward. For as long as possible, you want to control the narrative about your solution. You want to create just enough excitement in their belly that they leave the meeting itching to request time to work on your purchase and collect the decision-makers for the next session. Today, I’ll share my tips on the perfect slide deck with you. Be the first to know about new B2B SaaS Marketing insights to build or refine your marketing function with the tools and knowledge of today’s industry.

BuzzFeed pitched the idea of advertisement as content instead of having content and advertisement as two different entities, which was the norm. It’s also a good idea to explain why the timing is ideal for launching your product or company. Dropbox does this well by highlighting trends that are relevant to their target audience, such as the increased use of digital devices and more distributed/remote teams. As you go through the slides, you’ll notice how each section focuses on how Dropbox’s solution will benefit users and the society as a whole by changing the way people work with files.

our goal here is to illustrate that your solution is something your audience can actually use, not go into a technical breakdown. That might sound like a tall order to live up to, but the good news is that structuring your presentation around this “meta story” isn’t hard. Need a hand to identify ready-to-buy leads and surface hidden revenue opportunities? Fax history is maintained and encrypted in the cloud for optimal security and accessibility.

Tinder does a great job of showing instead of telling with step-by-step screenshots of how users will navigate through the app to fulfill their needs. What makes Dropbox’s pitch deck stand out among others is how it addresses the “why” behind the entire idea of cloud storage. In March 2021, the company announced it would go public via SPAC merger at a $9B valuation.

Don’t read through your presentation like a robot, engage the customer and create conversation throughout the entire pitch. If you’re selling a service rather than a product, it’s a good idea to include a “Meet the Team” slide. Showing a customer the team they’ll be working with should they sign on with you helps them better picture themselves as your partner. To date, they’ve raised around $1.7 billion in funding over 14 rounds — which is a huge amount.

Also, make sure the colors, fonts, and visual elements in your presentation match your branding. Check out the introduction category of this theme’s slides to read all about the different archetypes and pinpoint how you should angle your pitch deck’s intro and overall brand story. We’ve got the ultimate pitch deck theme to help you pull together all of the perfect slides. Bliss’s pitch deck has a clean and professional design, which is in line with their business idea and brand voice.