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IPullRank is a pioneering content marketing and enterprise SEO agency leading the way in Technical SEO, Audience-Focused SEO, and Content Engineering. People-first in our approach, we’ve delivered $2B+ in organic search results for our clients. I have seen Google progress over the years, I have had to reverse engineer their algorythms an untold number of times, processed many different updates such as Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird etc.. As one of the UK’s leading SEO consultant, I have work with many different companies in many different industries and I am confident I can get your website to the top rankings on Google. Zohaib has been working in digital marketing for 5 years and has spent the last 2 years in the SEO industry, focusing particularly on content optimisation and creating dynamic reports in Google Data Studio.

Social media has broken down the walls between brands and fans, but positive results come from listening and letting them in. The development of a digital product starts in the same way as for all areas involved in the project, by understanding the problem that need to be solved. It has been an exciting journey running my own business too, particularly now we have expanded the team. Being part of the Spinutech team means learning more about the person next to you than just their name. We strive to foster a culture of caring, to create a work environment where everyone feels appreciated, motivated, and inspired.

So you know like you Guys have news coming out all the time. And you’ve got another plugin that you’ve put under the automotive umbrella. So first off just congrats on the acquisition of a really long running popular plugin.

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I think it is happening, right, you know, have it happening, whether it’s public or not public, right. That’s already been done yet our goal whenever we make an acquisition, are you in a position or you know, one of the automotive core values people first and we always take care of that first. I think you know, in any market You have multiple players, right? They have their own unique sets of features and divisions that they carry forward. And I know Yost has a vision that he is moving forward with. My, my goal is to really focused on two things, one, reliability, and the second is to be results focused.