PUBG Mobile Anti Cheat Report Week 9

In October 2021, PUBG permanently banned 2.5 million accounts from Battlegrounds Mobile India and temporarily banned 706,319 accounts. Millions of players around the world regularly log in to their PUBG Mobile accounts, making it one of the most popular online games. Players were frustrated by the cheaters, so it’s good to see that Tencent is developing a stronger anti-cheat system. The main way people access PUBG Mobile hacks is through modified APKs on Android devices. These APKs allow cheaters to access abilities such as auto aim, no recoil, and even the power to see through walls and grass. There are ways to cheat using an iPhone and iPad, but this requires a jailbroken device making it inherently harder.

And also, if a player kills enemies without using weapons, there is something fishy about him. Our problem statement is that we want to detect whether the player is genuine or false in PUBG. We have the labeled data, so we will use a supervised learning approach. This is a binary classification problem as we have two classes, cheater and non-cheater. We will solve this problem using a classical machine learning algorithm which we will discuss later in this blog.

Overall, cheaters and game hackers won’t have an extremely easy time with PUBGM, but they will be able to do their thing as they always do. And if they are going to do what they always do, they might as well do it safely and use HackerBot to find safe cheats from legitimate and trusted sources. Also there are actual ways to make game hacking tools, such as memory editors work with no root and no jailbrake under certain circumstances and if one was so inclined.

You have to click on the report button, and a new window pops up where you can select the type of misbehavior or manually write a message. The team will review your report and provide a notification if the player is banned or not. This is not the end PUBG uses many more techniques to provide fair gameplay to its users. After this section, we will start building our model by defining our problem statement and classifying our machine-learning model on the five bases we have discussed in this blog. As we conclude, there’s absolutely no debate about whether these PUBG hacks and cheats are good or bad news for players as well as their overall implications on the fairness of the game. From Dr Disrespect’s experience in late 2019, we can all agree, surely, that they introduced a seriously unfair element that puts other players at a significant disadvantage.

As usual, PUBG Mobile details in its report the share of cheats and how widely they are used in the game. At the top, you have Auto-Aim Hacks with a 21 per cent share that several accounts use to ensure their aims never go in vain. Interestingly, 21 per cent of accounts used X-Ray Vision in the game to ensure their win. Then, you have the accounts that use Speed Hacks with a 17 per cent share. After that, you have Modification of Character Model and Modification of Area Damage cheats with 8 per cent and 5 per cent contribution, respectively. The second best selling game in the world, with over 50 million copies sold, and with over 87 million daily players, PUBG has really hit the sweet spot in the gaming industry.

The more popular pubg cheats and hacks can be easily detected, but there are a host of other simple ones that remain undetectable to anti-cheat. For instance, the Quick-loot hack enables you to quickly gather all items on a loot pile before attracting attention which makes it deadly in these situations where time is essential. PUBG’s early release caused it to gain millions of fans all across the globe.

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“”We implemented the first round of improvements for in-game sound systems in the Nov. 18 patch. In this patch, we plan on implementing the second round of improvements,”” the company said. Jesus christ, these changs keep saying “”But not ALL of us are hackers!!!!!”” you are right but you can’t claim your country isnt a bloody cheating den when your own government is literally arresting them by the hundreds. Tencent Holdings has set their targets on PUBG cheaters in China, preparing the way for the company’s localised version of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It has banned over 1.6 million accounts in the massive crackdown. Players who have invested tens or hundreds of dollars on a game’s DLC don’t appreciate seeing cheaters. In recent developments, PUBG again bought down the banhammer on the Hack City once more.

Wall hacks basically allow cheaters to see other players through walls, or add extra UI elements to reveal a players location. The most common versions show an outline of players, or their skeleton, to the hacker if they are in close proximity. This means that hackers don’t see the location of players on the other side of the map, but can use the information to their advantage to get a drop on unsuspecting players who think they are hidden. If a hacker is smart they can use a wall hack and still remain undetected, because it’s difficult to prove that they didn’t hear you or have some other legit information that lead to your death.

Thank you developers and please keep doing the amazing job you’re doing. I’ve used other hacks for pubg in the past and they were not that smooth and working for my windows 10 version. But this Eden hack is a killer hack because not only it is very smooth so it does not drop frame rate during the game but also it is sophisticated pubg can’t even detect it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants chicken on pubg and have some fun. Since this deal was announced, Tencent has helped Chinese law enforcement to investigate over 30 cases and arrest 120 people who are suspected of designing cheat software.