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2.5 ton forklift load chart free.Forklift Weight Capacity: Everything You Need to Know


Instead, keep the center of gravity of the load as low to the ground as possible 4 to 6 inches. This record belongs to the Swedish manufacturer Kalmar and is verified by the Guinness Book of Records. Some of the forklift capacity ratings for common types of forklifts are:.

Also called “nameplates,” “data plates,” or “data tags,” these are plaques installed on forklifts that list essential information about the truck, including:. If we take A, B, and C together, we can see that this forklift can handle a weight of 5, lb. Because of that, the truck can lift lb. From the example above, you can lift 5, lbs.

Fortunately, OSHA provides a field calculation to estimate the safe loading capacity of a forklift in these situations. Excellent explanation Question — how can one tell if the correct counterweight is fitted to the forklift i. That is a great question. That would be best done by a qualified forklift technician.

I hope that helps, and thank you for the question! Thanks for your question and kind compliment! Does the weight of the forklift operator impact forklift capacity? Is there a maximum weight of an operator that a forklift seat will uphold? Great questions! That said, most seats support between and kg — lbs.

I hope that helps and thanks for your questions! Knowing the actual load capacity at the maximum fork height, how would one calculate the load capacity at a lower height? The OEM should be able to provide you with an intermittent capacity at a specific lift height when specifically requested. This type of calculation is typically done by the OEM directly.

Thanks for reaching out! Great question. Liquid loads can reduce lifting capacity. Since forklift capacities are calculated based on the center of gravity being at a specific load center, the actual capacity can vary depending on how the liquid sloshes. This makes it important to be cautious when accelerating, decelerating, and tilting the mast. Being abrupt in these movements can cause the liquid to shift and potentially destabilize the lift truck.

Thanks for the question! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Feel free to contact us the old fashioned way. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Online Catalog 0 items in quote No products in the Quote Basket. This article is all about forklift weight capacity. Let’s dive in! Table of Contents. Understanding forklift capacities first requires understanding how a forklift works.

In essence, a forklift is like a seesaw. A forklift is just like a seesaw. That is, the weight on one side of the seesaw must be balanced by the weight on the other side. Its job is to provide a counterbalance to the load. It does so by providing more downward force than the load on the front of the truck. And this prevents the truck from tipping forward when loaded.

So what is the fulcrum point on a forklift? The front axle of a forklift is the pivot point or fulcrum. Load-Bearing Mechanism. What Is the Stability Triangle?

But what exactly is it? The stability triangle exists between the front and rear axles. Why is the stability triangle located at these three points? Understanding the Stability Triangle. What Is Center of Gravity? The center of gravity of an unloaded forklift is just below the seat. In the load itself, the center of gravity can depend on how the load is constructed. The center of gravity of an evenly-distributed load is directly in the center. For example, take a look at this irregular load:.

The center of gravity of an irregular load will not be directly in the center. And this has important implications for the safe carrying of this load on a forklift. What Is Combined Center of Gravity? But what happens when you pick up the load with the forklift? Answer: The centers of gravity of both the forklift and the load combine. The advanced design wiring harness uses waterproof connectors and an enclosed multiunit fuse module for improved circuit security and reliability.

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Sign in Sign in Username email address. Password at least 6 characters. Remember me. Forgot username or password? Search Search. Recall that the stability triangle is actually a pyramid. And as the load is lifted, the center of gravity shifts forward and up. At some point, the center of gravity will move outside the pyramid. Adding an attachment to your forklift can lower the lifting capacity. For two main reasons. One is because the attachment adds weight to the load mechanism. When installed on a forklift, this Cascade attachment subtracts 1, lbs.

Another reason is that the attachment extends forward the load center. And this causes the load moment to increase and consequently decreases the lifting capacity. Load Length. Remember that most forklifts are by default rated for loads with a inch load center.

But if handling loads longer than that, the load center will increase. Extra-long loads increase the load center and thus decrease lifting capacity. And that causes the combined center of gravity to shift forward as well. The consequence? A reduction in lifting capacity. Load Distribution. That’s why you should place the load so that the heaviest part is closest to the fork face. Wheel and Tire Type. For example, cushion tires provide better capacity retention than pneumatic tires.

Furthermore, tires with wider treads increase a forklift’s overall weight capacity. This is done by creating a broader stance that improves the truck’s stability. Battery Weight. Instead, the battery performs this function. Fork Wear. This also applies to other components subject to wear and tear, like tires.

And be sure to replace them when their wear limits are exceeded. So it’s vital to know how much weight your forklift can safely lift to prevent these hazards. These hazards include:. Tip-overs are the main cause of forklift casualties. Tip-overs happen when the truck is overloaded and the combined center of gravity leaves the stability triangle. As you now understand, tip-overs happen when the center of gravity leaves the stability pyramid. Loss of Steering. An overloaded forklift can result in the steer tires losing contact with the ground.

OSHA Fines. Overloading forklifts can result in a fine from OSHA. How to Maintain Forklift Stability. Some applicable OSHA forklift capacity rules include:. Only loads within the rated capacity of the truck shall be handled. Distribute the weight evenly when carrying irregular-sized loads. Keep the center of gravity of the load as near to the front wheels as possible.

Do not operate a forklift if the back wheels begin to lift off the ground. Tilt the mast forward cautiously when positioning the load onto the stack. Tilt the mast back and position the heaviest part of the load against the carriage. Travel with the mast tilted back to stabilize the load.

Common Forklift Capacities. What Is the Largest Forklift Capacity? Wondering what the largest forklift capacity is? The world record for the highest capacity forklift goes to Swedish manufacturer Kalmar. What are the Capacities for Common Forklifts?

Electric 4-Wheelers 3, lb. Electric Stand-Up Riders 3, lb. Electric Reach Trucks 3, lb. Electric Order Pickers 3, lb. Internal Combustion Sit-Down Counterbalance 3, lb. Rough Terrain Forklifts 5, lb.


2.5 ton forklift load chart free – 2.5 Tonne Diesel Forklift Specifications

Handle only stable or safely arranged loads.